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We turn ideas in art work.

Experience, technique and creativity. These are the distinguishing elements of Resingroup, a company working since many years in the flooring and resin coatings industry, either in the industrial and commercial areas or civil. Founded by the union of two specialized companies, Resingroup is driven by passion, expertise and skill in working with a material, the resin, in constant evolution.

Resingroup passion for the resin is explained by the countless advantages of this material that combines technology and art with its strength, hygienic safety, variety of colors and compositions, versatility and adaptability.

Key strength of Resingroup is the energy and the capacity to respond rapidly to customer requirements, providing the most suitable solutions, supporting the aesthetical tastes and respecting the technical times required by the laying of the resin.

Why falling in love with resin?

Resin floor can be made in any color, any appearance (glossy, semi-glossy, mat) and any surface (rough or smooth) depending on the space where the resin will be applied.

Resin can be applied on any surfaces, any existing walls with tiles, marble, wood, etc..

Resin distinguishes itself from other materials for its strength, durability and waterproofness. It has exceptional adhesive, structural and hygienic properties.

Resin coating are monolithic surfaces without joints or slits. Therefore they ensure a higher hygiene and ease of cleaning than any other surface.

Choosing a resin floor means investing in a safe and enduring way for your own business, industrial or commercial or for your own place. Resin floors can create an environment customized to your taste and lifestyle.

Our Services

Pavimentazioni industriali in resina

Visual inspection and free consultation

We do visual inspection in environment where the resin/microcement is required. We show samples, catalogues and pictures of completed resin work helping the customer choosing the right color and the final effect.

Pavimenti in resina

Designing and realizing samples

We design and realize samples when requested by the customer on 60x60 panel, so that the customer can feel it and get a small preview of his idea.

Resina per pavimenti

Work execution

Once the customer chooses the finishing, the color and the effect we are ready to apply the resin and microcement transforming a space in a unique and unrepeatable work

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Pavimenti in resina nel mondo by Resingroup

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