The resin is an ideal product for the creation of bathrooms, being waterproof and easy to clean.

Each bathroom coated in resin is like an artwork, the features that distinguish it from other materials are its uniqueness and unrepeatability, but also strength, durability and waterproofness. The resin is a material with exceptional adhesive, structural and hygienic properties. The resin coatings are monolithic surfaces without joints or slits. Therefore they ensure an higher hygiene and easy to clean tha any other surface.

You can in fact choose the colour, the appearance (glossy, semi-glossy or mat) and the surface finish (rough or smooth) through the samples created each time, depending on the tastes and needs of the customer, but once laid every resin surface will not be identical to any other. Therefore, this is a highly original technique, with the possibility of incorporating objects within the floor itself, creating an environment customized to your taste.

rivestimento bagni in resina

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