Resin flooring with spatula, cloudy or lacquered effect,. They are applied manually in order to create unique and unrepeatable results.

The resin floors have many advantages. First of all, they combine an excellent aesthetic effect with a great convenience of use (what all women want). There are no limits to chromatic and creative solutions and at the same time their features make these floors extremely functional for any use.

Resin floors are very resistant, do not dread the passing of time nor the pounding, the wear and the temperature changes. It’s an excellent durable material. This product has been formulated to achieve wanted effects, with neutral, specific or particular colours of strong aesthetic impact, in order to customize the environment for those living in it: ancient and modern, the floor made with spatula is unique and unrepeatable. Maintenance is also one of the advantages of resin floors: if worn out, it may be renewed by a simple passage that would restore the shine.

Pavimento in resina

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