Spatulated, pigmented bicomponent mortar, made up with epoxy resins and quartz mixture, solvent-free, with a minimum thickness of 7 mm. The application is carried out by spreading the material on the surface with a wet screed and then it is smoothed with a mechanical trowel. To saturate the screed 2 layers of bicomponent resin are applied by shaving and another final layer is spread with a roller. With the possibility of execution with or without shelves.
High-capacity logistics warehouses require a perfect flatness. If there are undulations on the floor, the three-sided trucks cannot move easily in height being continually shaken. Therefore, a traditional industrial floor is not suitable for this type of warehouse. The imperfect flatness of the floor can in fact cause serious safety problems, slowdowns in the movement of goods and even work stoppage.

pavimentazione industriale

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