Coating based on bicomponent epoxy resin. It is made using products with the suitable viscosity to allow the self-levelling, with pigments and fillers, without solvent, capable of forming a continuous and homogeneous coating. The minimum thickness is 2mm. They are usually made of epoxy or polyurethane resins, or mixtures of the two resins. The application must be made on a support previously soaked so that the surface is free of porosity.

The application is made by pouring the product, perfectly mixed, directly on the surface and spreading it with tools like blade, smooth or toothed spatula. This will facilitate the preparation of materials and extend the applicability of the product. At the end of laying, while the product is still fresh and able to self-level, the coating will be deaerated with a bubble breaker roller.

It is applicable both in industrial and civil sectors.

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