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Things designed to be used have an innate beauty.


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To make your daily living space a unique environment the answer is resin. Pratictal, easy to clean, hygienic and adaptable, the resin floor is able to make personal the daily living spaces with great value aesthetic results telling in an artistic way the story of the people who live inside.


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Resin is the ideal choice to make flooring in the industrial and commercial sectors. Thanks to its perfect reliability, resistance to solicitations, to heavy and continuous loads and to the fact that is completely aseptic, RESIN IS THE BEST MATERIAL especially for industries operating in the engineering industry, in logistics, in the medical-pharmaceutical and in the food sectors


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Trading spaces like stores, bar, restaurants, offices, school, hospital, etc.. request floor that respect aesthetical and technical high standard. They have to be able to resist to different type of stress and at the same time transmit the atmosphere that you love, giving beauty, safety, resistance and reliability. Our floors and floor coverings are the optimal solution to give an elegant touch to different environments, both internal and external, respecting all the rules and technical requirements of the different projects, offering an excellent result to your expectations.

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Using different technics and resin material, we can realize furniture, furnishing accessories, doors, tables, frames, canvas, mirrors, vases and any accessory that come up in your mind, following just one keyword: creativity. There is no color limit when using the resin material. Each element created or covered with resin will be unique and personalized following the customer request: finishing, color and techniques.

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