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14 Aug

The polyurethane resin, thanks to specific treatments, makes surfaces nonskid, resistant to wear and any weather conditions. Resin is suggested to coat any kind of indoor and outdoor parking and also garage ramps.

The parking areas are places subject to continous stresses and therefore they need a strong floor, that can withstand also heavy loads.

Resin is the ideal solution for any kind of parking area, from the biggest ones to the little ones.

Mixed with selected charges, resin allows you to create nonskid coatings. This is a very important aspect because it allows an excellent road holding with any weather condition.

Each resin floor is carefully treated to get waterproof surfaces, that are resistant to oil, hydrocarcarbons and any weather condition.

There are different kind of cycles that we suggest.

Self-leveling, is a coating that has a thickness that goes from 3 to 3,5 mm, and it is suitable for surfaces subject to heavy traffic. It stands out for its resistance to abrasion and chemical agents, its excellent antiskid and mechanical resistance.

Then we find the multilayers cycle, that is a coating based on bicomponent epoxy resin with a tickness that goes from 1,5 to 3 mm. In this case, we apply more layers of resin, that mixed with quartz makes the floor nonskid and facilitates the medium-heavy traffic.

Another kind of coating is called antidust, it’s a treatment based on transparent or colored resin that is applied to concrete and makes the surface waterproof, it removes dust and avoid the absorption of oil spots and chemical agents. With this treatment the cleaning will be fast and easy.

Finally, we find the painting, that is a film coating made with bicomponent epoxy resin. This cycle is suitable for places that are not subject to heavy loads and it guarantees water-proof and resistance to aggressive agents. Painting is suitable also to finish the floor, such as for to creat the horizontal signage (in particular, pedestrian crossing, direction changes etc).


Are you looking for a supplier to realize a parking of any kind? Trust Resingroup, we will suggest you the best cycle for your needs

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